The top 7 Instagram plugins for WordPress in 2022 (Compared)

The top 7 Instagram plugins for WordPress in 2022 (Compared)

Are you seeking for the top WordPress Instagram plugins?

This list is for you if you want to show your Instagram photo stream, make an Instagram slider, add the Instagram icon with a link to your profile, or make an Instagram competition to gain more followers.

We’ve chosen the top Instagram plugins for WordPress in this article to help you grow your audience and improve interaction.

The top WordPress Instagram plugins: 1. Instagram Feed Pro

Facebook page for Smash Balloon
The top Instagram feed plugin available is Instagram Feed Pro from Smash Balloon. The plugin enables the creation of personalized Instagram photo feeds on over 1.3 million websites.

The plugin has a free version that makes it simple to design a unique Instagram social photo feed.

There are many built-in features in the free version, but you can upgrade to the Pro edition to access more features, including different layout options, including masonry grid, horizontal layout, carousel, and more.

Additionally, you may use the Pro version to display numerous Instagram feeds from various sources, such as feeds for hashtags, on your website. Additionally, it offers a lightbox popup option with built-in social sharing buttons and allows you to create shoppable feeds.

Using the block editor or a sidebar widget, you can quickly include your Instagram feed into any post or page. The plugin introduces Instagram stories to your WordPress site and supports them as well.

The smart feed cache and backup features of Smash Balloon’s Instagram plugin are by far its best features. This enables you to display Instagram photographs on your site without making it slower, and your photos will still be visible even if the Instagram API is unavailable (which is a huge benefit).

See our tutorial on how to make personalized Instagram photo feeds in WordPress for more information (step by step).

RafflePress 2.

the webpage for RafflePress
A WordPress plugin for giveaways and rewards is called RafflePress. It can be integrated with Instagram so that you can gain more followers.

It’s really simple to set up a contest with RafflePress that invites your visitors to perform certain actions on Instagram. That could entail looking at one of your Instagram posts or visiting your Instagram profile.

RafflePress can, of course, also be used to persuade users to take other actions.

For instance, you could hold a RafflePress giveaway or competition for your Instagram followers, requiring them to go to a particular website page. Even better, you may ask them to subscribe to your email list in order to enter.

The most feature-rich giveaway and contest plugin for WordPress, RafflePress is very easy to use. To get started, you can test the RafflePress plugin’s free edition.

The Strange Automator

eerie automator
The most popular WordPress automation plugin is Uncanny Automator. It enables you to develop automated workflows without writing any code by integrating your WordPress website with hundreds of other applications.

Their Instagram integration enables you to generate recipes automatically, such as:

When a blog article is published, share a fresh photo to Instagram.
Encourage customers to automatically upload a congrats photo to Instagram after finishing an online course.
Allow customers to receive greater savings by sharing their purchases from your online business on Instagram.
Publish a picture when a form is filled out automatically, among other things.
The nicest aspect is that there is a free version of Uncanny Automator that works well enough for most little websites.

This plugin, in our opinion, ought to be installed on every website.

Keep Old Posts Alive

Resurrect old posts
A plugin for social media scheduling is called Revive Old Posts. It makes it simple to publish both fresh and old information on social media platforms like Instagram.

For your social media updates, you can create a personalized schedule. You can exclude particular categories or tags from your blog’s content if you don’t want to broadcast all of your entries, or you can define a date period.

Additionally, you can share images from your media library on Instagram with this plugin. Additionally, you may add unique UTM tags to your Instagram posts and share brand-new posts as soon as they are published.

There is a free version of the plugin as well, but you can only share material on Twitter and Facebook pages with it.

  1. Envira Gallery, No. 5

Green Gallery
A quick and simple to use WordPress photo gallery plugin is called Envira Gallery.

With features like albums, lightbox popups, pagination, tagging, and more, it enables you to create sophisticated photo and video galleries in WordPress.

Envira has an Instagram Addon that enables you to upload your Instagram photos with your existing photo galleries in WordPress.

Your choice as to whether you want the photographs to link to your Instagram posts or be shown on your blog in a lightbox is entirely up to you.

  1. Soliloquy No. 6

Site for Soliloquy
You can make responsive photo and video sliders with Soliloquy, a very user-friendly WordPress slider plugin.

It includes a dynamic slider add-on that enables you to combine Instagram photographs, featured blog post thumbnails, customer reviews, and other elements into a single slider.

You can choose precisely the Instagram content you wish to include in your slider. You may, for instance, only include images with particular tags.

You can alter a variety of parameters to complement the design of your website, including the pace of your sliders.

  • Web Social Photo Feed 7.

Photo Feed for Web Social 10
You can easily add Instagram feeds to any of your posts or sites with 10Web Social Photo Feed. You can pick between thumbnail and full-sized photographs in the free version. There are additional possibilities in the premium version.

Your Instagram posts can be shown in the sidebar of your WordPress site with 10Web Social Photo Feed. This is made simple and uncomplicated thanks to a built-in widget.

You can integrate individual Instagram feeds or feeds from a given hashtag in the free version. The premium version allows you to combine feeds from various hashtags.

Even for free users, the support staff responds to questions in a helpful and timely manner.

Extra: Basic Social Icons

Basic Social Icons
You may include social networking icons in a sidebar widget with Simple Social Icons. These icons lead to links to your Instagram and other social media profiles. They make it incredibly simple for readers to locate you there and follow you.

The installation of the very simple plugin Simple Social Icons only takes a few seconds. It is also totally free.

You can pick how to position your icons as well as change the style and color of your icons using this plugin. Keep in mind that until you use a filter, you cannot change the order or add new icons.

We wish you luck in your search for the top WordPress Instagram plugins. You might also want to check out our advice on how to get more visitors to your blog and our list of the essential WordPress plugins.

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